Your Own Published Novel. The Most Important Step in Establishing Yourself as the Expert in Your Field of Expertise.

Standard Package

Only $750 down and $750 upon completion

This complete package creates a quality book from your notes, blogs or recordings to give to potential clients, sell on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple stores and gift shops. Most professionals want to establish themselves by having a book published, but don’t know how to go about doing it. At Ari Publishing a subsidiary of Ari Communications we specialize in publishing for the busy professional.

If you have notes, pages or audios or videos you want transcribed into the book, forward them and we’ll handle the rest. Or if you can talk about your profession and your background for two hours we can turn that into a book. We’ll confer with you on the cover design so you’ll have the type of cover you want.


Questions? Email us at

 or call 518-636-6046

Paperback book creation

As the book is created you will received weekly updates in Microsoft WORD or a PDF for your review. You may wish to change the order of chapters or paragraphs, or insert additional content. Inform us if you need us to create additional content, then your field of expertise and the various points you want included.

Upon completion of the manuscript you’ll receive a professionally crafted 9 inch X 6 inch book with black type on white paper pages, 14 type size and standard font with a full vibrant color cover as a proof or sample. Review it, make any final changes and a second proof with those changes will be shipped to you. The second proof is the final opportunity to make adjustments. Additional proofs cost extra.

The paperback copies will usually cost under $5 dollars each (Plus shipping) to purchase. Less for bulk orders. Most of our clients order 25-50 copies to start 

NOTE* All costs regarding the creation and delivery of ordered novels will be discussed and agreed upon before production begins. No hidden charges, fees or ad-ons.   

Questions? Email us at

or call 518-636-6046

So let’s recap what you receive when you purchase the Standard Package 

THE ORIGINAL physical book created to your specifications within 30 days of receipt of down payment

An original book cover, INCLUDING a back cover that includes a professionally written book content teaser and your photograph (if you want).

An ISBN number. It is the barcode you see on the back of books and required if you want to sell your book in stores or online.

Remember. Once we deliver the book…You keep 100% of the royalties from sales.

  • You keep 100% of your rights.

  • You have 100% ownership of the product with YOUR NAME on the cover.

  •       Only $750.00 down and $750.00 upon completion. 

PLUS… we include a kindle version of your book for FREE!

So call 518-636-6046 (leave message if after hours) or email us at and…


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