Marketing Your Online Business

 Your Website Precedes You. It is Your Flagship and the First Impression Customers Have of Your Business. Is it Engaging and Attractive, or Merely Adequate?


In this video we’ll discuss the most important part of any online business The Landing Page.


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The creation of your ads and landing pages is very important. If you don’t know how to market your business, your business is going to suffer.
Here’s a question…
Does the Homepage of Your Website open with a Headline that Engages?
For example: This for a breast reconstruction surgeon:


 Or this for a Dentist:aricomteeth

 Or this for a Real Estate Agent:aricomhouse3

However, if you homepage opens with something like:
aricomdocHi, I’m Dr. Smith and I’m located at…”
What you just read are webpage headlines. They are specially constructed to grab the reader’s attention when they land on your website. The most successful websites open with an immediate benefit, not a sales pitch. Top sites like Apple, UBER, airbnb and Ari Communications all have features that invite customers inside to look around.
So Click Here  to find out how to have a professionally constructed homepage created for you.
Next Question: Does your company have a logo? A logo symbolizes your brand and reminds potential customers of your company’s products and services. Have a look at these company’s logos. I would name them but I’ll bet you know who they are!
arilogo1arilogos3arilogos2At Ari Communications we specialize in creating business logos. Have a look at a few we’ve created for our satisfied customers.

In order to improve your marketing you need to know who the in-crowd is and the services they provide. The following are links to 15 websites that can increase your visibility, show you what your competition is doing and what you need to improve on.

Similarweb This is one of my favorites. Here you can see what your competition is doing to rank and the links you’ll need to get similar rankings.

Majestic This website shows you where you stand in the online community. As well as who has linked to you and how effective those links are.

Whatrunswhere Highly recommended by business professionals. If you want a competitive edge here is where you get it.

Tweriod Here is where you find out when your Twitter followers are online and the best time to run your ads

Clickfunnels These are the go to guys when it comes to creating funnels. Russel Brunson is regarded as the best by many of businesses top names.

Survey Monkey It’s a lot easier to sell when you know what your potential buyers are thinking. Survey monkey finds out for you.

Canva This is one of the most loved image creating software in existence. It’s free to download and comes with a complete video tutorial to help you master the craft.

Audacity If you need to create voice over and audio software many new companies use audacity. It’s free to download and relativity easy to use.

Builtwith This analytical software provides the technical information behind our competitions swebsite. Most helpful if you have a savvy IT team.

Ahrefs At this site you can see who’s linked to your competition and how many link to you.

Bounceexchange. This site analyzes your visitors, and finds out their likes and dislikes so you can better target potential customers.

Sourcemarket This website is a marketplace for creating person blog networks, finding powerful links, and optimizing your site.

Instabuilder 2.0 This webs page creating software is the easiest to use and is used by most professional web builders and its video tutorials are very informative and brief.

Linkedin If you’re in business you simply must become a member of Linkedin. It is the Facebook of business professionals and the best place to network with other professionals.

Unsplash This website provides professional quality photographs with no royalty payouts. Many of the top website builders go here to get photographs to feature on their sites.

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