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Hello and Welcome to Ari Communications. We Specialize in Online Solutions and Business Development.

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Too often business websites are designed to look professional but fail to address what the potential customer is looking for. And so they continue to surf when your site could have given them precisely what they needed.
Our FREE guide, How to MAXIMIZE Your Online Business explains in detail what your potential customers and clients are looking for.
If your business website merely states who you are, what you do and where you’re located, you are literally driving customers away.
So if your business site is failing to generate customers, click on the image on the left, download our free guide and learn how to MAXIMIZE your online business

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So. does your website invite visitors to explore what you have to offer, or does it have the warmth of a doctor’s waiting room?newari27





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     The goal of every business is to attract customers or clients. When the majority of advertising and purchases are made over the internet, it is essential that your business be not only visible, it must engage the potential customer. So does your website ENGAGE? Many professional websites are constructed by talented web designers, but having an ATTRACTIVE site doesn’t automatically make it an engaging one.  So if your website is attractive but only explains who you are, what you do and where you’re located, How do you stand out from the pack?
That’s exactly what Ari Communications shows you how to do.
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 ari videoAccording to Google better than 70% percent of all sales will be generated by a video presentation by 2017. So if you don’t have at least one video on your site, its time you did. We can do that for you (see our products and services page HERE) or do you want to do it yourself but don’t possess the know-how? Then click on the banner below to see how simple creating videos has become.
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To get a FREE consultation call 518-636-6046 or email us at ariservicedesk@gmail.com

 What is a Press Release

aricompress-releaseA press release is a brief, to the point story composed by a public relations person and forwarded to the media for publication. Usually between 300-400 words. It should be concise and answer the basic journalistic questions of who, what, when where and why.
It should read like a news story. Written in third person, citing quotes, sources and explaining why that information is newsworthy.
Many businesses use press releases to bring attention to their company. For example the launching of a new product, an addition to their management team, the acquisition of another company.
Basically, anything that can be considered to be in the public’s interest.
press releasephoto
 One of the great advantages of a press release is that once it’s forwarded to the media it will travel quickly throughout the country. Meaning whatever your company is announcing, thousands of people will be finding out about it.
What’s more, the more people who read or hear about it, the more Google increases your website’s ranking.
The price for a press release of approximately 300-400 words is $247 dollars. The completed copy will be sent to you for approval before publication. For additional information call 518-636-6046 or email at ariservicedesk@gmail.com
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