You've likely heard the legend.. Maybe perused an article or read an exerpt. Or viewed some sanitized version where this missionary was sent to these most unfortunate members of mankind to enlighten them, lift their spirits and bring them the word of GOD...

This isn't that story

"God Made Us Monsters' written by Bill Neary, reveals the true and unimaginable horrors Father Damien faced when sent to minister to the lepers of Molokai. 

When Father Damien arrives he is unprepared for the staggering suffering, the loss of limb, sight and mind. He is attacked by a wild boar, then by the lepers, driven insane by the disease, who threaten to kill and eat him. In the days to come he witnesses men, women and children being dropped into shark infested waters and made to swim to shore--only to be met, and sadistically preyed upon by their own kind, The Lepers of Molokai.

 This powerful and engaging novel tells of how Father Damien, a small, but determined priest from Brussels, battled political corruption, theft of rations and building supplies, condemnation from the Church, the kidnapping of children, and the spread of disease, while burying the dead, building sanatation facilations and cultivating the soil for planting.

Although a tale of historical fiction, the the living conditions, political atmosphere and treatment of the afflicted at the time is brutally accurate.  

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"'God Made Us Monsters' brings to life the brutal environment and the enormous challenges Damien was forced to face. Presented as a very real and determined individual, Damien shows us that miricles do occur when you simply refuse to fail. A thoroughly enjoyable read."

- Zackary Richards-author of 'Whateverland'

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