Why Content is So Valuable to Promoting Your Website.

The reason why many professionals don’t understand why no one is visiting their site, especially when they spent so much money having it created is because they think of their website like a storefront and are under the impression that as people surf the web they will eventually come across their business site and stop to look around.
It doesn’t work that way. Google ranks sites due to people’s interest, activity and the number of back links it has acquired over its years in business. A back link is a website that features a link to your website on their website. In order to generate interest in your website, and as such your business, you need to stir activity. In short, you need content. What is content? Content is an article about something of interest regarding your website. If you have a dental website you should have content written about interesting things regarding dentistry, new pain free procedures, the advantages of oral irrigation, tooth implants and veneers.
If it’s a website on HVAC, write about the latest technological advances and how it would benefit customers to upgrade to a new more efficient model and how it would save them money in the long run.
If your a tax professional, write about loopholes the average taxpayer isn’t aware of.
Add two articles of content a week and have it featured on Facebook and other social media sites like Instagram and Linkedin to increase interest, readership and the promotion of your business.
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