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Watch this short video to see the most effective methods of advertising in today’s economy

Below are a few examples of Facebook and Google ads. They are simple, inexpensive and are only seen by people who have expressed an interest in these topics.* Note, they are not actual ads and are not linked to any website

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Here is an example of what is called a LEAD MAGNET. A LEAD MAGNET is a free report or video your subscriber can download to better inform him/her of the benefits of doing business with you


To learn how to create your own display ad, click on the IMAGE below, then click on the Launch Interactive Demo tab and follow the instructions featured in the video


Here’s a video that will show you additional places to advertise


banner ads2

The above are called banner/display ads. They often do better at conversions than text ads but text ads are much easier to create. Also getting a banner ad created for your business can be pricey at such companies as

To create your own banner/display ads require some artistic ability although not all that much. You can create simple and effective banner/display ads using only cut and paste tech for FREE at

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