Video Presentations Have Become Essential to Attract Customers and Increase Sales. Do Your Videos Look Professionally Made? If Not, Its Costing You Business.

A sales presentation like the one above is one of the best ways to engage a potential customer and to have them choose you over your competition. At Ari Communications we can create a video presentation to promote your product or service. It can be a spokesperson explaining your services or a video like  the above featuring text and images. In addition the two can be combined where you do a text and image presentation then present a full action video as a demonstration. To learn more CLICK HERE


But what if they don’t know about your website or how to access it?
What then?
The answer is you turn your business card into a sales force!
 If you were considering doing business with someone, who would you be more impressed with? Someone who simply hands you his or her standard business card with their name, address and phone number…

OR the person who hands you a business card that contains access to a complete video presentation of their product and/or services?

The answer is obvious isn’t it?

           But that still leaves the question. How is that done?

The answer is contained in this one minute video


Here’s an example of the front and back of my own modified business card:


businesscardbackClick here to find out how you can get your own video presentation business card
 Next question: What type of video would best represent your company’s goods and services?
 There are several types of video presentations. Here are 3 that feature the differences. First, there is the spokesperson pitch as seen below.

 Then there is the Animation Presentation

Then there is the product slideshow presentation


To learn how to have a book published to promote your business Click on this link