Having a Video Presentation Created for Your Business

The process is very simple. You can write a script for us to narrate in the presentation (up to 500 words) or tell us what you sell or what your service is and we’ll write the script and email it to you to look over to make additions or suggestions.

 Once satisfied with the script, decide on what pictures you want to feature of your product and email them to us or we can select royalty free images pertaining to your industry and insert them at key points in the presentation.

In addition we can add royalty free music in the background to increase viewer interest. Also the presentation comes in a number of colors and templates so if you want to do a number of video presentations for different products, the look can be widely varied.

It’s obvious that videos create more sales than any other media and at this very low price of only $97 for the complete package, you simply can’t afford to miss out. So call us at 518-636-6046 or email us at aripublishing@gmail.com

Just tell us what you want created and we’ll get right to work. Remember the quicker you add a presentation video to your website the faster your sales can increase. Act now.