Watch the above video or read the text below. To purchase one of our three packages, send your business card to Ari Communications 16 Norman Street Lake George, New York 12845 and on the back write which package you want. OR call 518-636-6046

Creating your Video Presentation Business Card. Your first step to getting ahead of your competitors

With our Standard Video Card Package we take the video presentation already on your website, or one you create and place on YouTube, and convert it for viewing via a bar-code reader app (QR code) on your present business card. The QR code reader is available as a free download to any smart phone or tablet. We can add a teaser that compels them to flip the card over which contains your website address and the QR code, as well as a request to click on it to view a presentation. You can choose the card’s color, font and information placement. The card will not go into production until you give email approval. The cost for this service is $97 dollars for two hundred and fifty cards, plus shipping. For 500 cards the price is $175.00 and for 1000 the price is 250.00. So the larger the order the bigger the savings.

With our VIP Video Card Package we create a video slideshow presentation. We’ll hire a narrator for the voice over, create a script (or use one provided by you) include royalty free photos (or ones provided by you) and combine them to create a full presentation slideshow of your product or services with royalty free music playing in the background. The cost for this service is $97 for 100 hundred cards plus shipping. $200 for 250 cards and 500 cards for $375.

With our Professional Video Card Package we hire a professional spokesperson and have them do a presentation, highlighting the benefits of your products or services. They can read from a script you create or we’ll write one for you at no additional charge. The charge for a spokesperson presentation is forty cents a word. For example: a 40 word script would cost an additional one-time fee of $16 dollars to the $97 dollars cost. An eighty word script would cost an additional $32 dollars and so on. Maximum length is 250 words.The script can be longer but viewership drops drastically after 250 words.

Other ad-ons include featuring the logo of your business alongside the presenter as he or she speaks. Specialty clothing to be worn by the presenter, a specific professional setting (business office, law library, etc., musical backgrounds and quick processing are generally $25 dollars each.
Note: All costs regarding the final product will need to be approved by you via email and paid before production begins. Once approval is given and the card presentation goes into production, any change to the script or presentation would require an additional purchase.

Have an idea for a specialty presentation? Email us at or call 518-636-6046 and tell us about it. We’re confident that we can construct a package that will suit your needs.