What is a Press Release

A press release is a brief, to the point story composed by a public relations person and forwarded to the media for publication. Usually between 300-400 words. It should be concise and answer the basic journalistic questions of who, what, when where and why.

It should read like a news story. Written in third person, citing quotes, sources and explaining why that information is newsworthy.

Many businesses use press releases to bring attention to their company. For example the launching of a new product, an addition to their management team, the acquisition of another company.

Basically, anything that can be considered to be in the public’s interest.

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 One of the great advantages of a press release is that once it’s forwarded to the media it will travel quickly throughout the country. Meaning whatever your company is announcing, thousands of people will be finding out about it.

What’s more, the more people who read or hear about it, the more Google increases your website’s ranking.

Although we cannot show you the press releases we have created for other companies due to privacy agreements, we can show you one of our own that we released last year when we consolidated all our services and products under the Ari Communications umbrella.

Ari Publishing Is Now Ari Communications

Ari Publishing announced today that all of the products and services, including those offered through Ari Publishing, Ari Marketing, Ari Video Presentation and Publishing 4 Professionals will now be available under the new company flagship Ari Communications.
Company president Zackary Richards outlined the reasoning for this move in the following statement. “As we expand our reach into all forms of communication marketing, it became obvious that we needed to offer those services to our growing customer base in an all-in-one website.
“With the creation of Ari Communications we have done just that.”
Ari Communications also offers website design, spokesperson video presentations, product and service marketing, company logo design, and website optimization as well as book publishing for the professional.
The rapid growth of business over the internet and with the success of Internet companies like Amazon and Alibaba as well as the floundering sales of brick and mortar retail businesses has led to the creation of Ari Communications to better compete internationally as well as here in the United States.
Market analysis has shown that in today’s markets, it is not only necessary to have a business website, it must also be aesthetically pleasing, informative and make the purchasing experience simple and stress-free for the consumer. With its new website Ari Communications demonstrates the professionalism and the ease of use it brings to online businesses. By taking care of the aesthetics it is now possible for business people to focus on business and for customers to enjoy their purchasing experience.
The aripublishing.com website will also continue to offer publishing services to undiscovered writers who need to understand how the publishing business works and what they need to do in order to establish themselves as bankable authors.
Ari Communications with its now streamlined access to all its products and services, has made it possible to better interact with its growing customer base.”

The price for a press release of approximately 300-400 words is $247 dollars. The completed copy will be sent to you for approval before publication. For additional information call 518-636-6046 or email at ariservicedesk@gmail.com

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